Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Reason OR Religion!

The COEXIST bumper stickers have always aroused my ire. I suppose it was someone like me for whom the Jesus Fish signs on cars got under their skin enough to respond with the Darwin Fish.

Below is a restrained response.
The COEXIST sticker is patently offensive because of its use of religious symbols. The underlying unstated assumption is that religious belief must be respected. By implication to speak out against religion is to be opposed to coexistence. I am obliged by reason to respect the right to exercise one's religion. I am equally obliged by reason to refuse to respect religious belief. I am not for coexistence with religion. Their extreme misogyny alone - from women as the root all evil to women as chattel to women as second class citizens - would be sufficient for me to work to eliminate them. Religion constantly intrudes into the public sphere in ways inimical to a free society - from Prop. 8 to Hobby Lobby.

Obviously I'm not the first to want to respond to the COEXIST stickers. Nor, sadly, the first to make a TOXIC sticker - as a  web search for "coexist sticker toxic" and "coexist sticker parody" images shows.

Here are some stickers using above image:

A Potential Poster

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