Thursday, March 26, 2015

Netenyahu at the US Knesset

We are now the United States of Israel. The United States of America has been upgraded to a wholly owned subsidiary of the Apartheid Jewish State of Israel. This has been true de facto for many years now and we have collectively chosen to ignore the reality. Recent events make it official and impossible to ignore any longer.

Recently Mr. John Boehner, Speaker of the House in the US Knesset (a.k.a. the US Congress), invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu of the Apartheid Jewish State of Israel to address the US Knesset. 

This was just prior to the elections in Israel in which Netenyahu was seeking a third term as Prime Minister.

Mr. Netenyahu accepted. His address to the US Knesset seemed to be aimed at scuttling any agreement with Iran on curtailing their (Iran's) nuclear program. His speech was also aimed at Israeli voters, presumably to scare them with the specter of the Iranian nuclear bogeyman with Netenyahu and Likud all that stood between the total annihilation of Israeli Jews and a nuclear holocaust carried out by Iran.

The White House expressed indignation at the US Knesset's invitation to Netenyahu and at the US Knesset's not-so-veiled attempts to interfere with and attempt to kill any agreement with Iran. Pious platitudes such as "our differences must stop at the water's edge" were trotted out. There was much histrionic public hand wringing by administration lackeys over the US Knesset's "unprecedented"  encroachment on the conduct of US foreign policy by the executive. Public calls were made for Netenyahu to withdraw his acceptance of the US Knesset's invitation. Mr. Boehner and his fellow Republicans in the US Knesset were piously criticized by virtuously incensed Democrats.

I submit that the spineless Mr. Barak "Jewish Baruch" Obama and the lickspittle lackeys of the Democratic Party were not very keen to thwart the US Knesset and Mr. Netenyahu.

Mr. Obama could have chosen to deny Mr. Netenyahu a visa to the enter the country, an action entirely within his power. Mr. Obama chose not do this. It is almost certain that Mr. Obama never even entertained this idea. There is precedent for refusing to allow foreign politicians a visa: Mr. Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, was refused a visa because of his alleged culpability/collusion in the massacre of Muslims in the Indian state of Gujarat when he was its Chief Minister.

If Mr. Barack "Jewish Baruch" Obama had the courage of his vaunted convictions and denied Mr. Netenyahu a visa to enter the country to address the US Knesset it is certain that even the Democrats claiming to be outraged at the prospect of Mr. Netenyahu addressing the US Knesset would have lined up to denounce Mr. Obama.

Democratic members of the US Knesset might have chosen to boycott Netenyahu's speech en masse if they were truly against his address. About 50 of 232 Congressional Democrats (20%) did not attend Netenyahu's speech, with some claiming scheduling conflicts. The Israeli tail wagging the American Congress dog was exemplified by Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D - Mo.) who reversed his initial decision not to attend Netenyahu's speech, saying in a statement that his “duty [was] to attend and listen respectfully. The courageous Mr. Charles Rangel (D - NY) also reversed himself.

California's Zionist cheerleaders in the both the House (Nanci Pelosi) and the Senate (Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein) chose to attend. A little, very little, tut-tutting, sad shakes of the head, mild hints that it was in bad taste for Boehner to invite and Netenyahu to accept was the extent of disapproval from Democrats  in the US Knesset. 

On his triumphal return to Israel Mr. Netenyahu was disappointed to find that wagging the US of Israel dog had not much improved his and Likud's prospects in the imminent election. With an honesty rare for politicians anywhere, Mr. Netenyahu chose to play his own Jewish Israeli version of the Republican Southern Strategy openly. His message to Jewish voters was simple: vote and vote for Likud or you will be swept away by the tide of Arab Israeli voters. Second, he reached out to Jewish Nazi voters by assuring them that the Chosen People were not going to allow a separate state for Palestinians on his watch: he pronounced the two state solution dead.

Look for upcoming posts on redoing the US flag, national motto, military uniform, logos on bombs, etc. to celebrate our new country - the United States of Israel. We will also be covering tips and tricks for going on Palestinian Hunting Safaris in the Occupied Territories: every hunter is guaranteed a Palestinian head professionally mounted by a certified Jewish Israeli taxidermist.

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