Thursday, March 12, 2015

Luz Sells Out? Say It Ain't So!

I was more than a little disappointed with Luz's post-massacre effort. "All Is Forgiven"? Mohammed says "I am Charlie"? I wanted Charlie Hebdo and Luz to come out fighting. Instead what we get is Luz playing Rodney King. Does Luz speak only for himself? Or does he speak for Charlie Hebdo, for his slain colleagues, for the family and friends of his colleagues?

Then I remembered that Luz is a cartoonist, a joker, a jester. When he says something in his cartoons we need to be alert to irony, as I was not at my first reading. When Luz says "All Is Forgiven" scant weeks after the murder of his friends, of course he must mean the very opposite - that all is not forgiven. Mohammed saying "I Am Charlie" is patently absurd: if they were to meet, the prophet would separate Luz's head from his body right quick.

If Luz were as unsubtle as I am, he might have produced an obvious piece. A modest example of the blunt approach above. Yeah, yeah, the virgins trope and maybe even the out-of-virgins trope is getting a little old.

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