Friday, February 27, 2015

The Land Thieves' Tale

This is a straight up parody of the cover of the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel Maus (1991) by Art Spiegelman. Maus is about the experiences of Spiegelman's father as a Polish Jew and a Holocaust survivor.

The cover of Maus cries out out to be mirrored to show the fate of Palestinians under the Jewish State of Israel.

After the recent Charlie Hebdo massacre, Spiegelman was one the courageous few who argued for an expansive view of free speech and for protecting speech especially when it offends.He staunchly defended Charlie Hebdo's right to publish cartoons of Mohammed that have caused much controversy, and now much death.

There are obvious parallels between the ideologies and actions of the Nazis and those of the Jewish State of Israel. Its more than a little puzzling that Spiegelman has not made this parody himself.

For der Judenfrage (the Jewish Question) substitute the Palestinian Question.

For das Herrenvolk (the Master Race) substitute the Chosen People.

For Lebensraum (literally living room) substitute Eretz Israel (Greater Israel).

For die Endlösung der Judenfrage (the Final Solution to the Jewish Question) substitute the Final   Solution to the Palestinian Problem.

Lebensraum: The Israeli Version

 From the Wikipedia entry on Lebensraum:
... [the] policy of Lebensraum was to kill, deport,  or enslave ... In a territory designated as ... Lebensraum, the native people ... were subject either to expulsion or to destruction ...
Eretz Israel is the Jewish concept of Israel's borders matching the largest  expanse of biblical Israel - stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates and perhaps even beyond. Eretz Israel includes not just all of the  Israel of 1947 but all of the Occupied Territories and for some, even beyond. Israel's creation required the expulsion of 700, 000 Palestinians - ethnic cleansing. An August 2011 article in Haaretz titled Lebensraum as a justification for Israeli settlements reports on efforts to "ease the housing shortage in the country via accelerated construction in the territories" and goes on to say:
Suddenly we are short of space here in Israel, which has become full to capacity and needs lebensraum. ... people are starting to use it, if not outright then with a clear implication: We are short of land, we are short of air, let us breathe in this country.

The Israeli Final Solution to the Palestinian Problem

After every war and every "operation" against Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, Israel appropriates more Palestinian land. Illegal settlements were created and continue to be created and to expand Israel by appropriating Palestinian land.

Bombing the Occupied Territories, continually shrinking the Israeli prisons for Palestinians known as Gaza and the West bank, and a net emigration of Palestinians leaving because of Israel's economic stranglehold on the Occupied Territories and the daily humiliation of living under the Jewish occupiers heel are working out quite nicely for the Jewish State of Israel.

The original Maus cover:

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