Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Islam Deserves Our Fierce Disrespect

All religion is unreason. But it takes Islam to condemn authors to death, murder translators, massacre cartoonists, and throw acid in a schoolgirl's face for the crime of wanting an education.

Confronted with these inconvenient facts Muslims in the West and their apologists claim that the perpetrators of these barbaric acts are not true Muslims.

The perpetrators claim, and quote ably from Islam's holy books to prove, that they are the true Muslims.

The apologists are always eager to trot out the past evils of other religions, most especially the Christian faith. To say that much Muslim barbarity is inspired by Islam is not to condone Christian barbarity. The Crusades are nearly a 1000 years behind us, and the Inquisition nearly 500. Perhaps Islam and Muslims too will be ready for modernity in another 500 or 1000 years.

The other straw man of the apologists is the many evil acts perpetrated by the practitioners of entirely secular ideologies.

Next up is the white-guilt whitewash. One is to believe that it is the ills of Western imperialism, past and present, that are the root cause of today's Islamic barbarity. The perpetrators don't make this claim, but apparently our fearless white-guilt liberals know better.

The most pernicious tactic of the apologists is to recommend self-censorship, on the grounds that Muslims are a much maligned and persecuted minority. So called moderate Muslims and other apologists for Islam should argue their case publicly. They have failed and will continue to fail because the facts are entirely against them.

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