Monday, September 15, 2008

Exterminate the Anonymice!

The anonymice are everywhere and its time to exterminate them. Where are the Daleks when you need them? Or maybe what we need is a Pied Piper who can lead the anonymice to a well-deserved watery grave.

First we have the anonymice all over our so-called newspapers-of-record such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Articles are peppered with quotes and information from "unnamed government officials", "unnamed official sources", people who speak only on condition of anonymity, people who request and get anonymity since they are not "authorized to speak to the media", and other such fearless truth-tellers. This is the kind of "journalism" by which the Bush-Vader administration sold the Iraq war via Judith (Judas) Miller and the NYT. Now that the NYT, WSJ, and others have the ability to have color in their pages, maybe they can color portions of articles that are solely dependent on anonymice in yellow as a visual yellow-jouranalism-alert.

Then we have the legions of anonymice who post blog comments. The sub-species that really gets me are those anoymice willing to give away my freedoms for their illusory safety. Their anonymous comments are along the lines of "If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear from the government violating your rights" and "If the government tells me that violating your rights and shredding the Constitution will make me feel safer, then you should be happy to give up your rights". See for instance Photographer Takes Pictures at the Port of Los Angeles and Has Two FBI Agents Show Up at His House Asking Questions. The irony of posting anonymously while implying they have nothing to hide apparently escapes these anonymice. It simply will not do to make any assumptions about the intelligence of these anonymice.

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