Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Audacity of Hopelessness

Got an unsolicited call from an Obambi the other evening asking me to pony up some more money. Despite the fact that after The One's vote on FISA I wrote in asking for my previous contributions back. Guess there's no "truth-in-politics" statute that would force The One to give me my money back. Anyways, the Obambi was apparently reading from a script and thought I should throw more good money after bad because the other guy is so much worse. Doesn't even start to cut it. I've decided that things need to get much, much worse before they can even start to get better. The Republic needs Pailin-Whatshisname, as the NYT of this Sunday Sep. 14, 2008 has it, to make the case in some future Presidential election for a religion-, war-, and fear-free election.

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