Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stop Thrusting Your Imaginary Friends on Me!

In the infancy of our species, the store of recorded empirical data being small to non-existent, superstition and obscurantism were inevitable. In the absence of facts, faith reigned supreme. At this late date there is absolutely no excuse for the species to continue to believe in, and worse, act on belief in, the many counter-factual obscurantisms commonly known as religions.

From Catholicism to Mormonism to Cargo Cults, all religions are characterized by a profound antipathy to observed data. From magical relics to magic underwear to magic flotsam/jetsam. Faith always trumps facts.

I will defend to the bitter end your right to your own neuroses and psychoses and your choice of your own imaginary friends, divine and otherwise. My tolerance and defense ends where you want secular taxpayer dollars to proselytize on behalf of your own particular imaginary friend(s).

Dubya's faith-based initiatives were a bad, and even possibly unconstitutional, idea. The One's call for similar faith-based initiatives is just as rotten.

How about science- and fact-based initiatives instead?

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