Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Audacity of Humbug

The Economist of July 26, 2008 ran an article titled "Humbug all round" (see accurately taking issue with Sen. Obama's rejection of public financing and referring to his stance as "the audacity of humbug". Sen. Obama confirms The Economist's diagnosis with his decision to vote for the recent FISA legislation, which as others have pointed out is a vote against the Fourth Amendment, the Constitution, and the rule of law. As also his equivocating stance on the Supreme Court decision on the Washington, D.C. gun law. Now we hear of his changing his stance or at least hedging his bets on withdrawing from Iraq. Despite the hagiography of his wife and supporters and his stirring oratory, there is really not much "there" there to the junior Senator from Illinois. I voted for Sen. Obama in the CA primaries: for me the deciding cause was his stance against the war on Iraq. Had Sen. Clinton voted against the war or even done the Edwards-like mea culpas for that misguided vote, I might have voted for her instead. I've given money to Sen. Obama's campaign. I will vote for the Democratic candidate for President in the general elections: at this point the Democrats could run a weasel or even some roadkill and get my vote. But lets not be naive about Sen. Obama: he is just as much an Establishment candidate as Sen. Clinton.

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