Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Audacity of the Democratic National Security Whore

Mrs. Clinton shows us yet again that facts aren't even a minor inconvenience, let alone a serious handicap, in Democratic party politics.

Mrs. Clinton voted for the war of choice against Iraq and that without even bothering to read the National Intelligence Estimate. Mrs. Clinton voted recently to declare the Iranian Republican Guard which is a part of the Iranian armed forces a terrorist organization thereby increasing the probability that the Decider will take us into yet another misguided war of choice in the Middle East.

Now we have the latest from the Clinton septic tank. The Monster's 3AM ad. What's with this "kitchen sink" bullshit from the punditocracy and even the Obambi's camp? How about the "shit house" or "toilet trench" if you don't like septic tank?

So whence this audacity of faith in the power of falsehood?

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