Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting Republicans to Vote for Amnesty

The Republican argument against any path to citizenship for residents without papers is "They broke the law. Any path to citizenship is amnesty. This rewards illegal behavior".

These same Republicans are all for granting retroactive immunity to AT&T et al. who illegally allowed the Federal government to wiretap American citizens. There's no contradiction here. Its really very simple and has an important lesson for those working towards a path to citizenship for residents without papers. Republicans are only against rewarding illegal actions by individuals, not corporations.

All illegal immigrants need to do get Republican support is to get together and form the Amnesty Co., Inc and all join its Board of Directors. Then Republicans could get behind granting immunity to the Amnesty Co. and its Directors for illegal actions past and present.

See, no amnesty for people. Only immunity for corporations. No contradictions!

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