Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hillary (Action, Not Words) Clinton

This is not an argument Mrs. Clinton ought to make. Her actions in the Senate and earlier don't lend themselves to this line of reasoning proving her superiority to Mr. Obama. Quite the opposite.

Some of Mrs. Clinton's actions that argue against Democrats and independents voting for her.
  • The AUMF allowing the war against Iraq
    Many Democrats who voted for the AUMF have at least acknowledged that they made a mistake. Not hardly enough, given the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have died for this mistake. A few thousand American military have also died for their mistake. Of course, the Iraqi dead hardly matter at all: we all know and accept that even a few million Iraqi lives don't equal even one American one.
    I'd rather see all these Democrats commit seppuku on the steps of the Capitol. Or be impeached, convicted, and sentenced to lobotomies. Mrs. Clinton to be most definitely included.
  • The Bankruptcy "Reform" Bill
    A naked betrayal of the small folk for the benefit of the credit card companies and corporate shylocks.
  • Drivers Licenses for Residents
    Maybe Mrs. Clinton is just trying to do her bit for the planet and wants to make sure that so-called illegal immigrants use public transport rather than driving. As Mr. Obama has pointed out, most immigrants are here to work, not for the joys of driving on our increasingly decrepit and overcrowded roads and freeways.
    You'd think Ohio Democrats would be aware that NAFTA was passed with Bill Clinton's vigorous support. Since Mrs. Clinton wants us to credit her for her 8 years as First Lady, its only fair that she own up to the crimes against the public that were committed then as well. Now Mrs. Clinton is all for re-examining (what does that mean?) NAFTA and claims that her husband was helpless on this since NAFTA had been negotiated by the previous George H. W. Bush administration.

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