Monday, January 14, 2008

The Great White Hope and Other Metaphors

Barack Obama offers many white Democratic primary voters a chance to feel good. First off, here they are, voting for a Black! What better proof that they harbor no racist feelings? It helps that Mr. Obama is a tabula rasa onto which they can inscribe any of their other prejudices. Mr. Obama is for "change", whatever that might be! Nothing very different from the status quo if one is to go by Mr.Obama's short record in the Senate. And if one is to go by Mr. Obama's words on the campaign trail, he is the Rodney King of politics with a plaintive cry of "Why can't we all just get along?" Mr. Obama's solution to the perceived political gridlock in Washington is to sit down with the other side and reach a compromise. There isn't enough gridlock on important issues such as the Patriot Act, confirming reactionary Supreme Court Justices, poor Attorney Generals who won't take a public stance on torture, and the list goes on. Compromise is the only solution? Mr. Obama's kind of compromise is collaboration by a different name. Whatever happened to the other obvious solutions to Congressional gridlock? Such as electing a Democrat majority?

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