Thursday, April 06, 2006

Caught Red-handed:'s TV spot's recently ran a set of TV spots titled "Caught Red Handed". The spots are basically the same except for substituting one or the other Republican as the target. The selected Republican is stated to have accepted specific, large contributions from oil companies and then to have "voted against bills that would have penalized those companies for price-gouging". It goes on to say "Tom DeLay, Dick Cheney, Jack Abramoff. And now [insert Republican target here]. Another Republican caught red-handed."

I have no affection for Tom DeLay. I greeted his indictment and now his departure from Congress with as much glee as the most partisan Democrat. DeLay has been indicted for shenanagins regarding laundering campaign contributions, but he's not gotten to trial or been found guilty. Yet.

Dick Cheney: I'd celebrate were he to be indicted for any crime, or (one can hope!) were he to be impeached.'s inclusion of Cheney appears to be based on the secretive Energy Task Force he chaired and his continued ties to Halliburton in that he is alleged to still have stock options and deferred salary with them.

Abramoff was indicted, has pleaded guilty, will be sentenced soon, and presumbaly shipped off to some Federal penitentiary for white-collar criminals soon.'s putting these guys together somehow doesn't seem right. An attempt at "guilt by juxtaposition" that seems entirely reprehensible.

If the point is that politicians have been corrupted by lobbyists, who declared the Democrats innocent? Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) is also reported to be one of the benificiaries of Mr. Abramoff's largesse. As is Sen. Byran Dorgan (D-ND). And how about all the Democrats in Congress who have accepted money from oil companies and voted pretty much the same way as the Republican's has selected?

I'd respect and support it financially if it went after political corruption on a non-partisan basis. I understand that is a partisan pro-Democratic organization. But why does that bar them from trying to clean up the Democrats Augean stables?

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